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SBSA students continue flying our flag high!

On Saturday 9 December the Seychelles National Youth Council held its annual Positive Youth Image Award ceremony. Nominee for SBSA was Neryl Fanchette while Vanessa Joubert and Andria Auguste were nominated by their respective districts.  Neryl was also awarded a second prize after being chosen among the best five candidates and from there the judges that evening awarded points after which she also received the best overall prize as the youth who has demonstrated a positive image to other youths in Seychelles. We would like to convey our congratulations tom all 3 award recipients, and especially to Neryl, for their achievements. Congratulations also to Kelly Mathiot who was the holder of the overall Positive Youth Image Award from 2016.

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AWARDS SBSA Past Graduates receive their Diploma from the University of Seychelles, The Guy Morel Institute These graduates from SBSA opted to undertake further studies in ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business and have successfully completed the first level of the programme. It is great to see that our past graduates continue to make us proud and we wish them all the best in their studies.

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Moman Kreativite Competitions

Moman Kreativite Competitions SBSA as usual participated in the annual Moman Kreativite Competitions and results were as follows: Song : 4th position Drama : 3rd position Story-telling : 1st Position Dance : 1st position Overall position : 2nd Kelly Mathiot also won the prize for best actress! Congratulations Kelly and all students who participated in the competitions! table { font-family: arial, sans-serif; border-collapse: collapse; width: 50%; } td{ border: 1px solid #dddddd; text-align: left; padding: 8px; }

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Kanmtole and Romans Competitions

Kanmtole and Romans Competitions As usual SBSA participated in the Kanmtole and Romans competitions and once again we made it through to the finals. The final competitions took place on Friday 4 August and SBSA was awarded 1 st place in the “Romans”, 2 nd place in “Polka” and 1 st place in “Dozado”. This year SBSA also came out in joint 1 st position overall, alongside STA. Congratulations to our participants and those who worked with them to make this a success!

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Signing of MOU with Barclays Bank

Signing of MOU with Barclays Bank In its bid to forge further relationships with the Business community, SBSA signed a second MOU on 5th July 2017, this time with Barclays Bank Seychelles. As stipulated in the MOU, SBSA will deliver blended face-to face and online training sessions and assessments to all year 3 students, ensuring that students are provided with the required skills to access employment or self-employment upon completion of their studies. The ReadyToWork programme, which SBSA will duly offer to all 3rd year students, comprises of 4 business related modules: Work Skills, People Skills, Money Skills and entrepreneurial Skills. Graduated of 2016 were the first batch to undertake studies in these four modules and obtained their certificates during the graduation ceremony in March 2017. The next group of students will start the ReadyToWork programme in July 2017.

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National Constitution Day Debate

National Constitution Day Debate For the second year running a team of 4 students participated in the National constitution Day Debate. Participants were Kelly Mathiot, Jill Julienne, Anissa Jolicoeur and Elson Thngalam. Our first opponent in the elimination round was the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE) and we managed to win the round with Kelly being nominated as overall ‘Best Orator’ for that round. We once again faced SITE in the semi-finals and managed to make it into the finals against the School of A’Level Studies. SBSA came out in second place overall for the debate competition. Congratulations to the debate team!

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National Schools Athletics Championships

National Schools Athletics Championships The annual National Schools Athletics Championships held on Sunday 18 June 2017 was a great success for the academy. SBSA has in the past done well enough to reach up to second position but this year saw a complete turn of when the academy left the Stad Linite clutching 4 cups! Cup No 1: To the best girls’ team at our level in the championships! Natasha Chetty even placed a new record in the High Jump! Cup No 2: For winning the most gold medals at our level! Cup No 3: Highest total points earned thus placing us in first place overall at Professional Centre level! Cup No 4: Best supporters! Staff and students were there on the day to lend all their support and certainly enjoyed all their singing and dancing despite the heat! All in all 18 th June 2017 was a memorable day for the SBSA family. Congratulations to all our athletes and supporters.

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