Assembly 2019 - Rounding Off The Year

There are moments in our lives where it all comes together.

Waypoints they are called, where the road branches and more choices must be made. These moments are defined by what comes before and what will follow. These are the days of reckoning, of release, of intense joy, or disappointment over an opportunity not brought to fruition, and the realisation of one’s accountability in the process.

All experiences good and bad add to our personality. Some may slow us down and some will propel us forward with momentum. The unwritten message for all is to ‘reflect, find perspective, and carry on’. No-one is left behind.

The story hasn’t been written yet. Even if it is a milestone, it is but the close of a chapter and the authors will write, re-write, change bearing, till they do settle on a course that will take them home. Success or failure today is a door that opened or did not. But there are many doors in the hallway, even behind those that just opened.

For some the 2019 end of year assembly day was of rather greater significance than for others. It was the usual anticipated gathering of students, lecturers, management and support staff where thanks were said, students performed, awards were given, and everyone was cheering when their peers did well on stage. There were success stories, and lessons to be learned.

But it was also, more importantly, the day of result letters being handed to students. There was anxiety, elation, sadness, resolve, disappointment, name it. For a day SBSA felt like a big airport where people are on their way to very different destinations. But all are going to arrive home, eventually.

And last but not least, this day also meant that it finally had arrived … the holidays.

Carry on SBSA students, wherever you may be.

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