International Day of Families

On 15th May 2019, SBSA held its second edition of ‘International Day of Families’ under the theme ‘Families and Climate Action’.

The event took place in the theatre and was solemnly opened by Father Colin and Reverend Benoit, engaging the students in prayer and reflection upon what seems to somehow come natural to the ‘SBSA family’ (term coined by the Director), but receives a special mention on this day.

It takes but a few weeks of being ‘in residence’ on the campus. To the outsider it may seem that SBSA is just another school. The keen observer however might notice there is a subtle tradition of courtesy and politeness, kindness and accessibility across levels. It starts from the top. Students try to see lecturers and management rather than blend in with the wallpaper to avoid them, and vice versa. There is no military style pecking order, tutors and tutored interact as people and yet respect each other’s roles. It’s not like no stern words are never used or things never turn sour. People are people. But at SBSA the starting point is up there. The bar is set high, so when we drop we know where to go back to.

As celebrations go, they start living a life of their own. As the day’s event started off formal and dignified, followed by addresses from management, things became somewhat less formal. The master of ceremony kicked in and announced a plethora of presentations by the various classes, In the end, everyone had a jolly good time and it didn’t feel like a school any more.

Not to mention that after the show(s), students retired to the class compound and invited lecturers to join them in their activities. If teaching and gaining knowledge were possibly not the first order of the day, the connections and friendships forged were well worth it. The SBSA family will live on.

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