Job Analysis Workshop

Recent News (17 Jan 2020):

SBSA is in the process of developing a new programme, a Diploma in Human Resource Management, to cater to the requirements of this field. As yet there is no such programme to train new S5 leavers to join the Human Resource Management field and we hope to offer this to the first cohort in 2021.

The request for this programme was made by DPA in 2018 and SBSA took up the challenge wholeheartedly.

The outline of the programme are being prepared and we would like to submit everything to SQA for validation by mid-2020.

The academy has put in place a team of lecturers to work on the development of the new programme and to ensure that the programme meets the requirements of this field. Human Resource Personnel from our partner companies were invited to participate in the Job Analysis Workshop, which was held on Friday 17 January 2020 at the academy.

The Job Analysis Workshop had the participation of the following partners: Seychelles Qualifications Authority, Department of Public Administration, Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Seychelles Postal Services, Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces, Sacos Insurance Company and Mauritius Commercial Bank.

The Workshop allowed the participants the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions about the job requirements of a Human Resource Officer in terms of job descriptions (duties, responsibilities, conditions, entry requirements etc..) and specifications (skills, knowledge and attitude).

We take this opportunity to thank our partner companies for supporting us during the Job Analysis Workshop.

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