The SBSA family celebrate International Day of Families

On Tuesday 15 May 2018 SBSA Management, staff and students gathered in the Unisey Theatre to hold a special ceremony to commemorate the International Families day which this year was celebrated under the theme “Families and Inclusive Societies”.

At the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) the decision was made to celebrate this important day in view that all at the academy refer to themselves as The SBSA Family and what better day to celebrate their love and unity as a family than on the International Day of Families.

In saying a few words to launch the celebration, SBSA Director, Mrs Josianne Bristol, emphasized the fact that SBSA staff and students are able to celebrate this day together in the knowledge that they share a special bond and that everyone at the academy means a lot to each other. She called upon everyone to keep that fact in mind and to always treat each other with the love and respect owed to each family member.

Mrs Bristol also urged students to remember the importance of their own family members at home and to always love and honour their parents, to love and support their siblings and to love and understand each and every member of their extended family, like they do at SBSA.

During the ceremony, which was attended by a representative from the Family Affairs Department of the Ministry of Family Affairs, there was a special mass presided over by Father John from the Plaisance Parish, followed by Gospel songs with the support of a member of Christ Embassy, a group that has held Bible Study sessions with SBSA students in the past. Then groups of SBSA students recited poems, performed songs and demonstrated a small sketch all around the theme of family.

At the end of the ceremony students congregated in their specific tutor groups to share a small breakfast and words of encouragement with each other before continuing with normal classes for the day.

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