Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mature student ?

    Mature students are students for whom there has been a gap between the moment they left S5 (or equivalent in private schools) and their taking up tertiary level studies at SBSA, for a variety of reasons:

    • The student has been looking for employment.
    • The student has been employed.
    • The student has been studying at SIDOL to obtain or improve on IGCSE grades.
    • The student has been studying at other institutions and may or may not have completed and/or passed the course.

    A mature applicant, subject to evaluation and meeting the minimum entry requirements, may be considered for admission.

  • What are the minimum entry requirements to qualify for a programme at SBSA ?
  • What is an in-service student ?
    An in-service student is employed and sent out to study by the employer, either enrolling in a part-time and sometimes full-time programme.
  • What is a part-time student ?
    A part-time student is one who attends classes on a part-time basis at SBSA. This student can either be employed (in-service) or un-employed. The latter need to fund their studies themselves.
  • What is the bursary allowance and who is entitled ?

    The bursary allowance is a monthly allowance to which all Seychellois students enrolled in a full-time programme at SBSA are entitled. This is currently set at SR850 (1st-years), SR950 (2nd-years) and SR1,050 (3rd-years).

    For 1st year students the bursary allowance is paid from February to December (eleven months) and is paid at month-end. For 2nd and 3rd year students the allowance is paid twelve months per year.

    Students residing on outer islands such as Praslin and La Digue and who reside on Mahe during their studies, whether hosted at the Youth Hostel or elsewhere on Mahe, receive an additional SR1,400.

    However, those lodged at the Youth Hostel will incur a monthly deduction of SR200 as contribution in the use of available utilities, which reduces the amount to SR1,200.

    SBSA takes a prime interest in ensuring that the bursary allowance is used in the best interest of the student, whether it is paid to the student, parent or guardian, and has the necessary in-house capacity as well as discretion to evaluate and act upon each case individually, should any contention arise.

  • What is a mature student allowance and who is entitled ?

    A mature student who left S5 or equivalent level more than 5 years before enrolling in a full-time programme, is entitled to a mature student allowance, which amounts to SR1,800 per month. The mature student allowance replaces the bursary allowance. One cannot receive both.

    If the mature student did not qualify for the mature student allowance at the beginning of the programme, but does reach the 5 year period during the 3 year course, the student becomes entitled to the allowance as and when the 5 year period is reached.

  • Does an in-service student receive an allowance ?
    An in-service student is not entitled to either bursary or mature student allowance.
  • Who do I contact ?
    • For general and admissions related enquiries, please contact Mrs. Josianne Bristol or Miss Maria Solin on tel. 4 37 11 88, or send an e-mail to
    • For studies related enquiries, please contact Miss Maria Solin on tel. 4 37 11 88 or send an e-mail to
    • For Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) programmes at SBSA, contact Miss Rasika on tel. 4 37 11 88 or send an e-mail to  
    • For all student support related matters, contact Miss Rosealette Dodin on tel. 4 37 11 88 or send an e-mail to  
  • How do I apply for a program at SBSA as a school leaver (S5 or equivalent) ?
    Through the school, whether in Government or private school.
  • How do I apply for a program at SBSA as a mature student ?
    Wait for an advert which appears in the national newspaper in December, then fill in a form provided by the Ministry of Education, who will process the application.
  • Which minimum grades are required for SBSA students to qualify for scholarship grants ?
    75% or above in cumulative grade point average for the 3 years.

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