Ms. Cindy Albert (Parent)

Ms. Cindy Albert

Ms. Cindy Albert

Ms Cindy Albert, mother of Dean Barbe who is following second year in Accounting and Finance at SBSA.

It is with certainty that I will say that SBSA is the perfect pathway for any student who aspires to pursue a career in the Business, Accounting or Financial field.

Indeed, from the first day that I attended Induction Programme with the academy management, my first impression about this institution was that: at SBSA, everybody means business and students will be well catered for in all aspects and they should aim for excellence.   I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the Director and her team and I could sense the high level of commitment in the presentation.

Today, I can proudly say with much confidence and affirmation that the first impression was in fact the real outcome.

As a parent, I monitor my child closely by checking IFNOSS on a daily basis and I have a clearer picture of my child’s performance.  I liaise with lecturers to clarify doubts from time to time regarding my son’s studies.

I am so grateful for all the lecturers at the academy. They are supportive, innovative and dedicated.  Even during the trying times of COVID-19, they have proven themselves through effective online delivery. Teaching and learning have continued successfully and I am sure that all students are benefiting immensely, like my own son.

I sincerely wish to congratulate all staff for their motivation, patience and determination and as a proud parent, I would recommend SBSA anytime as a gateway to further studies.

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