Deborah Drapcand


Head of Programme Diploma in Business Management and Administration


Mrs. Deborah Drapcand

Mrs Deborah Drapcand earned a Bsc in Business Administration with specialisation in International Business, from University of London, in 2003.  She also gained an Advanced Diploma (PGCE) from the National Institute of Education presently as SITE in 2008.

 After graduating from the Seychelles Polytechnic in 2003 she started her career as a Cashier cum Customer Service Officer at the Seychelles Savings Bank.  She was an excellent academic achiever and was greatly inspired by her mum who was also a teacher.  In 2006 she joined the Seychelles Polytechnic as an Assistant Lecturer starting as an Office Procedures, Health and Safety and Word Processing Assistant Lecturer.  Gradually she has grown with the academy taking on new subjects and currently teaching on both programme areas.  She now teaches a wide subject from Office Procedures, Business Studies and Strategic Management.

Mrs Drapcand is not only a lecturer at SBSA she enjoys taking on added responsibility and plays a significant role in the progression of the academy.  She is currently the Academic Committee secretary and forms part of various committees at the Academy.

Mrs Drapcand is a devoted, hardworking, confident, friendly, serious, responsible, ambitious, committed, good listener and above all an optimistic person. She is a great team player and believes in innovation and striving for the best result possible. Her peers always describe her as a well organised professional, has a wonderful character as a lecturer, hold honesty, kindness, respect and tolerance at the highest level.  She is very passionate about her students’ achievements and profoundly regards them as a source of inspiration for her noble profession.

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