Maria Solin


Deputy Director


Mrs. Maria Solin

Post Graduate Certificate in Education!

Mrs. Maria Solin was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with honours in Business Studies from the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom in 2009, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Seychelles, in 2013. She is currently studying for a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation at the National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development in Delhi, India.

Mrs. Solin was a past student of Business & Secretarial Studies in 1989 where she was inspired by one of her lecturers, Miss Dinaz Karkaria, and thus she followed in her footsteps to eventually become a lecturer in the same institution. She started employment at the end of the same year as a Clerk with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. In 1991, she moved on as a Secretary to the Ministry of Education then later in 1995 as Computer Operator. During her twelve years of service, she followed several evening and long distance courses to gain additional practical administrative skills. Her thirst for new knowledge and her enthusiasm to move to greater heights saw Mrs. Solin enrolled as a mature student for a Diploma at the School of Business and Secretarial Studies of the Seychelles Polytechnic in 2001. Hence, after the Diploma in 2003, Mrs. Solin started work as an Assistant Lecturer for two and a half years.

Upon completion of her first Degree, Mrs. Solin held several responsibilities at the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) namely Lecturer, Programme Leader, and Coordinator of Studies. In her responsibility as Coordinator of Studies, she coordinated studies for the two Programme Areas (Office Management & Administration and Accounting). Additionally, she attends to some teaching as she cannot resist the temptation of being in class with her students. Apart from Office Procedures she has taught a wide range of subjects such as Word Processing, Information Technology, Management, Business Studies, Work effectively in Business, Citizenship Education, Typewriting and Shorthand amongst others. Her various responsibilities have given her a sense of commitment and duty. Some of her plans are to develop new courses for the Academy and put into place better training plans for the staff especially making the monitoring and evaluation function more effective in the Academy.

Mrs. Solin has now assumed the post of Deputy Director. She also chairs the Academic Committee which is a very challenging job as it involves ensuring that quality teaching and learning are taking place, assessments and exams are properly moderated and up to standard, and that student and staff performance are well monitored.

Mrs. Solin is a friendly, approachable, caring, motivated, humble, committed, and compassionate person. She tries hard to be a good listener to fellow lecturers, other members of staff as well as students, as she thinks that there is a solution to every problem. As a result, both staff and students look upon her in times of need.

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