Midzy Marengo


Head of Programme for Human Resource Management


Ms. Midzy Marengo

MSC in Human Resource Management and Training

Ms. Midzy Marengo earned an MSC in Human Resource Management and Training through distance learning with the University of Leicester, UK, in 2018 after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies from the University of Bolton in UK, in 2010.

Upon completion of her studies at the Seychelles Polytechnic, Ms Midzy started work in February 2002, as a Private Secretary to the Director General for Land Use and Habitat, at the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat. In 2005, she joined the Seychelles Polytechnic as at lecturer. In January 2019, she took up her current position as the Head of Programme for the Human Resource Management Programme Area.

Ms. Midzy is considered as a great mentor by her students and can always be counted on to have a reassuring word for them in any situation. She always demonstrates good classroom management skills and can ensure good student behaviour, effective study and work habits, and generates an overall sense of respect from all her students. She is very approachable and a great listener and always has the well-being of her students at heart, always ready to take time out of her busy schedule for anyone who needs her support. She is also a very good team player, serious and very supportive to other work colleges. Given her good qualities, Ms Midzy is able to portray her leadership skills in any given situation.

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