Angelique graduate of 2021

Graduate of 2021

SBSA is definitely the place to be! I have not only grown intellectually but personally. Values I’ve learned at SBSA has become a norm in my everyday life. Values such as Integrity, Objectivity, Honesty. Doing things in a professional manner is also what I have grasped at SBSA. Today I can proudly say that I have achieved milestones through studying at SBSA. Through the amazing support from lecturers, learning has been so much easier than anticipated and I managed to graduate as one of the top performers of 2021. With perseverance and hard work, I now have the opportunity to pursue my studies further. The motto ‘Gateway to Opportunities’ was just a phrase when I first set foot on the SBSA campus; but at the culmination of my studies it has become a reality!

Angelique Prasad

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