Kelly Luc Graduate of 2016

Graduate of 2016

It all started in February 2014 when I was accepted at the Seychelles Business Studies Academy for a Diploma in Office Management and Administration after completing my secondary studies in 2013. I was relieved that I got accepted in this Post-Secondary institution even though it was my second choice. I made new friends and I was taught by the best lecturers. When I first started I was performing really well and scoring distinctions; my favourite subject was Business Studies. However I faced some difficulties as well in IT, I was not very good in practical but the lecturer willingly gave her time to anyone who needed extra help. Thanks to her I kept getting better in this subject and managed to score Distinctions there as well! This shows that nothing is impossible if you strive harder. As my performance improved I began to like the course more and more each day. I was able to build up self-confidence, self-motivation, determination as well as a positive mind-set. I am currently working as a Finance Officer. Thanks to the best lecturers, I’ve managed to develop my communication skills, customer service skills, telephone techniques, typing skills, computer skills just to mention a few. The three years I spent at the Seychelles Business Studies Academy were the most crucial years of my life; an experience of what it means to take great challenges, to surround myself with supportive community. Thank you SBSA staff for helping to mould me into the person I am today!

Kelly Luc

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