Phillipa graduate of 2021

Graduate of 2021

School life is considered by many to be the best stages of their lives. As a past student and recipient of the President’s Cup award of the Seychelles Business Studies Academy, I would say that my years at the academy has been an amazing time. 

I joined the SBSA family in 2019 to study for the diploma in Business Management and Administration on a conditional offer that I pass Business Communication to be promoted to my second year, in view that I did not entirely meet the entry criteria for English IGCSE.
At the end of my first year, through hard work and devotion in my studies, I guaranteed my promotion for second year.
In my second year, I was elected as the chairperson of the Learners Council, and once again in year 3; a noble responsibility which I discharged wholeheartedly despite its numerous challenges.  
I managed to lead the council in making numerous decisions such as the development of our vision and mission, various blood donation activities, and much more important accomplishments.
At the end of my second year, I was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for my outstanding performance as the chairperson and was also nominated by the academy for a Positive Youth Image Award from SNYC.
In my final year of studies, I discharged my responsibilities in both position as a student and chairperson to the best of my ability and successfully completed my diploma with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 81%.

My school life at SBSA has been a learning experience for sure. It is the place where I have acknowledged my individuality and uniqueness. The warm welcome I got when I started school is something I can never forget.  It helped me to gain understanding and taught me a lot of life skills, for which I am grateful to this day.  

My achievements are testimonies that hard work and devoted work do pay off.  The sacrifices made were all worth it.
SBSA truly transformed me into the person that I am today, skilled with lots of experience, ready for the world of work as well as looking forward for further studies.

SBSA, A real Gateway to Opportunities

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