Stephanie graduate of 2021

Graduate of 2021

Studying for a Diploma in Business Management and Administration at the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) has equipped me with relevant business skills, knowledge and boosted my confidence a lot. I gained a deeper understanding of business majors, improved my communication skills and received excellent advice to help me pursue further studies. SBSA has the best team because everyone treated us with respect and care and were generally there to help us on the off chance that we didn't grasp a specific subject, as though we were their own youngsters. They always wanted us all to be succeeful. They battled for us in each perspective, for us to become professionals and for our academic success and I will be forever thankful for that. The person I have become is a direct result of the SBSA staff and my parents for continuously pushing me forward. I confronted a few challenges during my studies but I persevered and was rewarded with the ‘Best Effort’ award on graduation day. Ultimately, to those thinking about enrolling at SBSA I would say definitely do it, despite the ups and downs you will certainly face. If you go in with an open mind and you learn to become a team player, you learn so much more than you expect. I will be eternally grateful for the experience and the numerous doors that have been opened for me; SBSA truly is a gateway to Opportunities.


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